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Couples therapy: What to expect?

Reaching out to a relationship therapist is not an easy task. In fact, discussing your deepest fears and hurts with an outsider feels almost counter-intuitive.  

Because I understand the difficulty of this process, I will collaborate with you and your partner from a non-judgemental approach, making room for both of your experiences.

The following steps summarize what you can expect from our work together:

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1. Free introductory session

Online meeting with both partners with the following goals:

- Answering questions you might have.
- Speaking about the problems you are facing and how could I support you.
- Finding out if we are a good fit.

After the consent form has been signed and we have agreed on a time slot to meet regularly, we will focus on:

- Understanding your relationship's history, including the challenges you are currently facing.
- Setting goals and a plan for the therapy sessions.

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2. First joint sessions

Fun at the Beach

In order to get to know each of you better we will meet individually.
This will give us a chance to speak about your individual stories, successes and challenges.

3. Individual session(s)

Through the course of the therapy, we will go through different stages:

1. Identifying the patterns driving disconnection.
2. Learning new approaches to communication.
3. Consolidation of the new dynamic.

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4. Joint sessions

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By then, you will not only be able to identify the unhelpful patterns but also to use strategies that will bring you more connected.

As we get closer to the finish line, the frequency of the sessions will decrease.

Additionally we will work on a relapse plan for future challenges and I will remain at your disposal for later consultations if needed.

5. Final session(s)

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