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Couples Therapy Amsterdam

Reconnecting Relationship Therapy was born in Amsterdam in 2020.  I have been working with clients ever since. I am now living in Lisbon but continue to offer sessions online to my clients from Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a multi-cultural and diverse city with a thriving expat community I am proud to serve. 

What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy provides a safe space to strengthen your relationship by facilitating those difficult conversations you might be struggling to have on your own. During our sessions, we will identify and analyze the specific couple dynamics that are leading you to disconnection. 


As your therapist, I will guide the conversation to help you access the emotions driving these patterns. Understanding and sharing these unspoken emotional layers with your partner will help you to improve your communication, reconnect with each other and develop a resilient and long-lasting bond between you.

How does Couples Therapy Work?

There are different approaches to couples therapy, being the Gottman method and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) the most popular ones due to their strong evidence-based frameworks and research. 


While the Gottman method focuses on behavioral change through certain prescribed and structured exercises to decrease couples distress, EFT goes a layer deeper to emphasize the importance of the couples emotional connection as a must for authentic repair and connection.

About Paula:

Having worked as a registered psychologist in China, Spain, Australia and The Netherlands, and being an expat, I aim to provide an open-minded space that welcomes diversity. 


I specialize in helping expat couples through their relationship challenges, using my experience working and living around the world combined with my education and work as a psychologist in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, China, Australia and Spain.

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