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Online Therapy
for international couples

Difficulties adapting to life abroad as a couple/ family?    
Struggling with cultural differences within your relationship?
Difficulties communicating?

Stuck in a never ending loop during your arguments?
Trying to survive betrayal?
Thinking about giving up?
Feeling unheard, misunderstood or critized?
Let's work together to bring awareness to the relationship patterns that are driving the disconnection and  find ways to reconnect.

Where the couples I work with come from:


A & M

The work done during the sessions has helped us so much and continues to do so after the therapy

M & D

Paula helped us guiding our conversations and get to know parts of each other we didn´t know about. We now feel more connected than ever

J & L

As a fairly new couple, we wanted to start our relationship with the right foot. These sessions set a solid ground and open comumunication for the present and future of our relationship

What our couples are saying:

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